Monday, September 21, 2009

Hawth’s Tools – Free Tools for Spatial Analysis

Hawth’s Analysis Tools provides a suite of solutions for tasks common in spatial analysis. Specifically developed for ecological studies, these tools can be used in any application for analyzing spatial data. They extend (and in some cases simplify) core ArcGIS functionality that is not available out-of-the-box. The extension consists of more than fifty tools that cover a broad range of analysis types including analyzing, sampling, and editing vector as well as raster data, and tools for common operations in tables and CSV files. All tools and descriptions can be found here:

Tool Descriptions

A few of the tools that I have found useful in my work include:
• Create Random Selection tool for selecting specified number or percentage of random features (points, lines, or polygons)
• Generate Random Points tool for generating a defined number of points over a specified area
• Create Vector Grid for generating a grid over a specified area and of a defined grid cell size
• Thematic Raster Summary for summarizing the frequency of cells of categories in a thematic raster layer by polygon
• Sum Values for calculating the total value of all/selected rows in a numeric field
• List Unique Values for listing all unique values in a selected field
• Delete Multiple fields for removing multiple fields from a table all at once
• Intersect Lines for generating point features at line intersections

The tools run on ArcGIS 9.x at the ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo license levels. *These tools do not support on-the-fly projection changes, so it is important that tools that use more than one input layer have the same projection.


  1. Very useful tools, but I note that Hawths tools are being discontinued, to be replaced with some new tools (note on the website)

  2. Thanks though Hawth's Tools is not supported by ArcGIS 10 plus now.
    The random selection tool would be a great tool for incorporation within your employer.