Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get XYZM - Populate X, Y, Z, and M Attributes

So here it is, as promised - a tool for populating attributes with values for the X, Y, Z, and/or M dimensions of point features. It is compatible with ArcGIS Desktop 9.x at the ArcView, ArcEditor, and ArcInfo license levels. Download it for free here (right click and select Save Target As...):


The zip file contains the tool (GetXYZM.dll) and a read me file (readme.txt). Unzip the folder to your hard drive. To use the Get XYZM tool, open ArcCatalog and select Customize from the Tools menu. Under the Commands tab, click Add from file… and navigate to the directory containing the unzipped files.

Select the GetXYZM.dll and click Open. Click OK on the Added Objects form. The tool is now listed under the Commands window. Select the Get XYZM command and drag it to the toolbar. You can create a new toolbar or add it to an existing toolbar. Click Close in the Customize dialogue box.

To activate the tool, you must select a point shapefile or feature class in the Catalog tree. Select the point data to populate with dimension values and click the Get XYZM tool button that you just added to the toolbar to bring up the Get XYZM dialogue box.

If your point data already contains fields to populate, ensure the Use existing fields option is selected and choose the appropriate fields in the dropdown menu for the corresponding dimension. You can choose to populate any combination of dimensions – you don’t need to provide a field for each. Once the existing fields for dimension values to populate are selected, click OK. The dialogue box closes automatically when the tool is finished running.

If your point data does not contain existing fields for storing the values of the desired dimensions, select the Create new fields option and enter the field names in the corresponding text boxes provided for each dimension. Once the desired field names to add and populate are entered, click OK. The dialogue box closes automatically when the tool is finished running.

After you select/enter the appropriate fields and click OK - VoilĂ ! - the fields are populated with the chosen dimensions!


  1. Hi Brooke, thanks so much for the tool. It worked perfectly and saved me time in performing the needed operations! You = awesome!

  2. Hi Brooke, I second Stuart's comment. It worked without a hitch for me. Thanks so much! Chris